To meet out the Hindi learning demand of the especial learners of Delhi, Bhasha Bharati opened its Branch in New Delhi in 1998. The objective of New Delhi Branch of Bhasha Bharati is to meet out the demand of non-Hindi Parliamentarians, Foreign Diplomats working for different embassies or Missions and Foreign Researchers and Foreign VIPs working on some projects regarding India in Delhi to learn Hindi.


New Delhi Branch of Bhasha Bharati offers itís teaching only to two categories of learners.

(1)    VIPs (Politicians)

(2)    Foreign Diplomats


Bhasha Bharati has the honour to teach Hindi to the following VIPs:


(1) Mr. K.R.Narayanan††††††††††††††† His Excellency, The President of India

††††† (2) Late G.M.C.Balyogi††††††††††††† Honíble Speaker, Lok Sabha

††††† (3) Mr. Ananth Kumar†††††††††††††††† Union Minister for Urban Development & PA

††††† (4) Mr. Ch.Vidyasagar Rao††††††† Minister of State for Commerce, Govt. of India

††††† (5) Mr. Pon Radhakrishnan††††††† Minister of State for Urban Development & PA

††††† (6) Mr. K.Yerrannaidu†††††††††††††††† Leader of Telugu Desam Parliamentary Party

††††† (7) Many MPs and VIPs from non-Hindi states of India.


20 Days Hindi Shiksha Varga (20 Days Hindi Training Camp):


††††††††††† Bhasha Bharati, New Delhi organizes 20 Days Hindi Training Camps several times a year. It is an intensive Hindi teaching programme of 8 hours per day for 20 days. During this camp there are no breaks, no holidays. In July-August 2000 Bhasha Bharati organized 20 days Hindi Shiksha Varga (Camp) for learners of Tamil Nadu, which included dignitaries as Members of the Parliament of India and office bearers of Political organizations. Hindi Shiksha Varga was sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and classes were conducted in National Museum of India, Jan path, New Delhi. The Closing ceremony of the Camp was graced by Sri Pon. Radhakrishnan, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, Sri Ananth Kumar, Cabinet Minister for Culture and Tourism, Sri Janakrishna Murthy, the President of Bharatiya Janta Party and Sri O. Rajgapal, Minister of States for Railways and Parliamentary Affairs.On the closing ceremony of Hindi Shiksha Varga audience were surprised to hear Tamil Nadu learners delivering their speech in Hindi.



In March-April, 2001 Bhasha Bharati organized another 20 days Hindi Shiksha Varga for the Social workers of Mizoram. This was also sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and classes were conducted in National Museum of India, Jan path, New Delhi.