Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in India situated on the western banks of the sacred River Ganga in Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi was ancient even when Buddha preached there in 530 BC and is home to over two million people. Varanasi is the cultural capital of India and the birthplace of Hindi. It is the best place for learning Hindi. It provides an atmosphere of Hindi.


The Head Office of Bhasha Bharati is located in the heart of the Varanasi city at a walking distance from the holy river ‘Ganga’. It’s a 180 years old five-story building. It has Teaching section, hostel accommodation and the Managing Director’s residence. Managing Director and Teachers maintain close relation with students, so that they may see and feel the Indian way of life.


Bhasha Bharati runs short and long term Hindi Courses for foreign students coming from all over the globe. Non-students foreign learners also join Bhasha Bharati for short and long-term Hindi Courses.


Bhasha Bharati also provides lodging and boarding to its students (only vegetarian food is offered).  It provides a rare and precious opportunity to foreign students to live with an Indian family, so that they closely observe and experience the Indian culture and way of life. It develops a long lasting close friendship between the nationals of two countries.

Bhasha Bharati provides a twenty-four atmosphere of Hindi to its students. Other than the classroom hours the teachers are available to help students.







Courses at Bhasha Bharati, Varanasi


One Week Spoken Hindi Crash Course for Tourists

*  The Course provides the working knowledge of Spoken Hindi.

*  Study hours: 6 hrs. per day for 6 days a week.

*  No translation, no grammar, no writing, no reading, only 500 vocabulary.

*  After learning the working knowledge of Hindi the tourist can travel India, freely communicating in Hindi. That will make his trip economical, knowledgeable and pleasant.


Two Week Spoken Hindi Course

*  The Course is for learning two basic language skills:

(a) Speaking and                        (b) Listening- understanding

*  6 hrs. per day for 6 days a week.


One month Intensive Hindi course

*  To learn pronunciation and speak Hindi fluently.

*  The course is spoken in the beginning, followed by reading and writing.

*  6 hrs. per day for 6 days a week.


Two Month Intensive Hindi Course

*  To achieve Proficiency in all the four language skills,

(a) Listening-understanding       (b) Speaking

(c) Writing and                             (d) Reading


Three Month Proficiency Hindi Course

*  To achieve Proficiency in all the four language skills, idiomatic uses and literary uses of Hindi and native like pronunciation.


Six Month Advance Hindi Course

*  Course to achieve greater proficiency in all the four language skills, native like pronunciation and introduction of various literary forms of Hindi.


Every year in the month of April Bhasha Bharati organizes 20 days Hindi Shiksha Varga (Hindi Teaching Camp) for South Indian Social workers. Bhasha Bharati provides free teaching, boarding and lodging facilities to these social workers. On the right is a photograph from a camp organized by Bhasha Bharati for the social workers coming from Tamilnadu, held at the Head Office of Bhasha Bharati, Varanasi, India. The Teachers and social workers can be seen with the President and Managing Director.