• “Tumhari Kabra par…..” by famous Urdu Poet Nida Fazli

    तुम्हारी कब्र पर मैंफ़ातेहा पढ़ने नही आया, मुझे मालूम था, तुम मर नही सकतेतुम्हारी मौत की सच्ची खबरजिसने उड़ाई थी, वो झूठा था,वो तुम कब थे?कोई सूखा हुआ पत्ता, हवा मे गिर के टूटा था । मेरी आँखेतुम्हारी मंज़रो मे Read More …

  • Language Tour

    Language is best tested when you interact with native speakers. Bhasha Bharati organizes weekend language tours for learners. The language tour includes visit of historical monuments, markets, business and food centers where learners test and practice their language skills in Read More …

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    Special Courses and Support Bhasha Bharati runs special programs to support and guide research about India and Indian History, Culture, Politics, Agriculture, Religions and other subjects.