Founder – Professor Mishra

The Founder President of Bhasha Bharati

Professor Dr. Vishwanath Mishra (07 April 1933 – 04 April 2021)

Dr. Vishwanath Mishra, a retired Professor of Banaras Hindu University, is an eminent linguist and a renowned Hindi scholar. Prof. Vishwanath Mishra taught Hindi to foreign students for thirty years at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, as he was the In Charge of the Hindi Teaching Programme in the Department of Hindi. Dr. Mishra has innovated a technique of learning a language in the shortest possible time, which was presented in the Annual Conference of University of Wisconsin, USA in 1991 followed by many International forums. His Innovative Technique earned much appreciation from eminent scholars, linguists and language teachers in abroad and in the country. For Parliamentarians he especially designed a Short-Term Hindi Course. A large number of Hon’ble Members of Parliament representing non-Hindi speaking constituencies have been greatly benefited by him in learning our National Language.

Late Dr. K.R.Narayanan

The former President of India

Late. G.M.C.Balyogi

The former Hon’ble Speaker, Lok Sabha

Late Shri Ananth Kumar

The former Union Minister for Urban Development & PA

Late Shri Ch.Vidyasagar Rao

The former State Minister for Commerce

Shri Pon. Radhakrishnan

The former State minister for Shipping and Roadways

Late Shri K.Yerrannaidu

Leader of Telugu Desam Parliamentary Party

A big number of Members of Parliament and VIPs from non-Hindi states of India

Experiments and achievements

Linguistics is a science of language. As a linguist Dr. Vishwanath Mishra made a series of experiments to develop his Innovative Technique of learning a language in a shortest possible time.

Innovation of a New Teaching Technique

Eight week Intensive Hindi Course: Proficiency Level

Three months intensive Hindi Course

One week Spoken Hindi Crash Course (for Japanese Tourist)

Eight months Hindi Course for a Diplomat Trainee

20 days Hindi Shiksha Varga

Innovated a new technique of teaching a foreign language in 30 hours at communication level

30 hours Spoken Hindi Course and the hypothesis of the innovative technique was presented to a conference round table in the 20th Annual Conference on South Asia which was held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA on Nov. 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1991. Over 500 scholars, linguists and language teachers from all over the world participated in what has become one of the USA’s most important annual South Asian events. To illustrate the teaching technique a videotape was presented showing step by step progress in spoken Hindi of a German tourist in Varanasi, Ulrich Westerfolke.

Eight Week Intensive Hindi Course: Proficiency level

Dr. Mishra experimented his 8 Week Intensive Hindi Course on Ms. Birte Stösser a German girl of Heidelberg University, Germany, who joined his course on 19th July, 1993. She was just a beginner of Hindi and could not speak or write a simple sentence of Hindi on the first day of joining the course. After 8 weeks of Hindi course of Dr. Mishra on 11th Sept. 1993 she graced the meeting of Rotary (International) Club, Banaras as the Chief Guest. To the utter surprise of Rotary members she addressed the meeting in Hindi. She spoke on “Women life in Germany” in Hindi and replied various questions of members very confidently. This unbelievable event was recorded by a video camera. University of Heidelberg rewarded two semester’s jump to Ms. Birte Stösser for such a big achievement. It followed a number of students of Heidelberg University, who utilized their vacation to visit India, joined Dr. Mishra’s Hindi course and returned home attaining proficiency in Hindi at all the four skills of language learning.

Three months Intensive Hindi Course

6 hours per day for three months

Learner 1:  Takebayashi Yuri, a Japanese national

September-November, 1997

She was appointed as a Hindi announcer in the overseas broadcasting programme of Radio Japan.

Learner 2:  Ozaki Rie, a Japanese national

September-November, 1997

She got the best actress award in a Hindi stage play “ Pyar kaise hota hai” at Varanasi.

One week Spoken Hindi Crash Course (for Japanese Tourists)

6 hours per day for 7 days (40 hours)

Learner:  Yukari Yamada, Attaché, Embassy of Japan, New Delhi

December 26, 1998-January 3, 1999 (two days off)

Presented before the Press on 5-1-1999 in New Delhi.

Eight months Hindi Course for a Diplomat Trainee

3 hours per day for 6 days a week

Diplomat Trainee:  Mr. Okawa Shinsuke, Embassy of Japan, New Delhi

August 1999-March 2000

Achievement: He achieved native like proficiency in all the four language skills. He acquired a good knowledge of political Scenario of India. He obtained the level of a Hindi journalist who could take interview of a politician / leader and discuss any political issue in Hindi.

20 days Hindi Shiksha Varga

Dr. Mishra successfully conducted a 20 days Hindi Shiksha Varga (20 days Hindi Teaching Programme) for MPs and VIPs of Tamil Nadu, a non-Hindi speaking state, from July 13 to August 3, 2000 at National Museum Institute Janpath, New Delhi. The Closing Ceremony was graced by Shri . Ananth Kumar, Hon’ble Union Minister for Culture and Tourism, Shri. O. Rajgopal Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Railways and Shri K. Jana Krishnamurthi, Hon’ble President, BJP, Tamil Nadu. On this occasion the learners of Tamil Nadu gave a wonderful performance in Hindi. To the utter surprise of the audience, four of the learners delivered speech in Hindi narrating their experiences of learning Hindi. The recitation of a Hindi poem written by the Hon’ble  Prime Minister Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee by a Tamil Nadu learner cheered the audience. The enthusiasm of learners for Hindi was worth to be marked. Only in 20 days, starting from zero to learn Hindi at all the four language skills i.e. Listening-understanding, speaking, reading and writing was a great achievement of learners of Tamil Nadu, which attracted a lot of appreciation from the dais and the audience. It was the burning example of the Result-oriented Teaching Technique of Dr. Mishra.