Prof. Vishwanath Mishra developed his unique technique of learning languages in the shortest possible time. in the year 1991 he presented his Innovative Technique in the 20th Annual Conference of University of Wisconsin, USA. Following the Conference Prof. Mishra gave lectures in various universities in the USA, UK and France, that earned much appreciation of scholars, linguists, language teachers and media.

Salient Features of Prof. Mishra’s Teaching Technique

  • Traditionally ‘the Locus’ of the language teaching is the teacher but in the Prof. Mishra’s teaching technique it is shifted to the learner.
  • It’s individualized teaching. The entire teaching methodology and courses are directed towards the learner.
  • It’s not a traditional Grammar-Translation method.
  • Prof. Mishra’s technique emphasizes on the sense of the language rather than the grammar of the language.
  • Prof. Mishra’s technique develops a parallel channel of the target language in the mind of the learner. The new channel of the target language is free and independent of the existing channel of the mother tongue.
  • Language is a spoken phenomenon. In the beginning the learner is taught spoken Hindi followed by writing and reading.
  • The Main point of Prof. Mishra’s technique establishes that the form can create the content. There is an inherent relationship between the form and content. Here ‘the form’ means a particular sentence structure and ‘the content’ means what the speaker wants to express. It develops an understanding of this relationship in the mind of the learner.
  • This technique develops the creativity of the learner, so that with in limited forms and vocabulary he/she can express his/her self.
  • The Innovative technique applies block-building method, as children do. The learner makes set of sentences by him/her self.
  • The technique assures to give a definite result in a definite time period.
  • Purposeful learning – every learner is asked a set of questions before commencing the course. A target is set and accordingly vocabulary and conversation topics are chosen.
  • Register teaching. The teaching is confined to a specific area of vocation i.e. a tourist, a journalist, a diplomat and a business representative. The language used by a business representative is termed as Register of the business representative.
  • At a higher level Prof. Mishra’s technique feeds the language at sub-conscious level of the learner, so that it works automatically.
  • The Philosophy of Prof. Mishra’s technique is “Enjoy the learning and take it easy.”
  • The pronunciation of the target language. The linguistic Speech Therapy is used to teach the pronunciation of new sound.